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Monday, November 28, 2016


Wow its been awhile a lot of great things have happen since I have wrote anything.  Where do I start Ding Dong the witch is gone. (Crooked Hillary)....Wait now they want a recount .  I hope they don't steal the election from Trump.  Obama-care is killing people with the rise in premiums , Now they cant afford the insurance, they cant afford the fine, They cant afford the deductibles. 

The Dallas Cowboys America's Team.  I will support them as long as Romo isn't the QB.

Megan Kelly what a waste of air time.  I hope her book is a flop.

Mom's if your kids are having trouble coping with Trump winning .  Please don't let them have children.

I think Rosie was way out line taking shots at trumps 10 year old son.

I wish Obama enjoys unemployment, he certainly caused millions into unemployment.

Democrats need to upgrade their party get rid of the left wing nut cases.  Start running to help the people.

Merry Christmas folks....... 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Trump 2016

The Donald is still on top and the old establishment GOP just can't figure it out that the Voters are sick and tired of all the BS that they promised to get control of the congress and senate and they haven't sent anything for Obama to veto .   Trump has my vote and the old guard GOP not so much. What do you thing ? 

Friday, September 18, 2015


I never thought Donald Trump would be leading the field of republicans.
I  am for Trump .  CNN sucks I realize why I never watch them.
Who are you for? leave a comment

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I am so tired of the people who think that robbing businesses and attacking police is legal.  Where is Obama?  If they were to be told to calm down , the border would be in the news. Democrats are pretty smart as well. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

If only I had a Crystal ball

Trying to figure out what do with my retirement is a stressful thing.  I have 8 years till I am 65 and I cant really retire until I can get Medicare , so with that settled , I will work for 8 more years if the Lord lets me.  I have a 401k with old company I've done real good the last 2 years, but 2014 isn't looking like a investment year even in a election year. What should I do pull the money and put in a safe money market account?  should I take a lump sump payout from my pension or take the monthly payments? The problem is my 401k and pension is 1/2,  due too a divorce, which is another story.
I don't think America is going in the right direction with the current holder of the keys. We need another Reagan. I remember couple months ago Obama told Russian minister he would be more flexible, heck if Obama was green we could call him Gumby he was flexible. I guess I should apologize to Gumby lol. My little world is getting busy and I need to mow my grass, does it ever end. I guess on the bright side it's fixin to be golfing weather. See you there

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I had a friend thank me for working so he could get help paying for his medical insurance from the government.  He even told me he was a democrat now.  I guess if you cant beat them join them. 

The TV coverage over the missing plane was way over blown.

I haven't felt good in over two to three weeks. I think I need too mow my yard. That may make me feel better.

I went out and took a look at lake Bridgeport at wise county park. It was the lowest water level I have seen in my 57 years.

Ate with Santa Claus the other night , he was passing thru going back to the north pole.

The GOP is killing me ,but then so are the Democrats...............

I have gained weight and my blood sugar isn't under control.  I wander why I don't feel good.

I need to do my taxes , I just heard they extended the deadline for signing up for health care.  They need to extend the due date for income tax so we can catch all the people without insurance and fine them 1% .........

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I wonder why?

I just found out my retirement pension has loss approx 51,000 dollars , nothing I done caused this but because of interest rate and corp tax rate appear to be going up. Who to blame if you ask a democrat they will tell you Geo. Bush , I think the Obama white house is too blame. They shoved the affordable care act (Obama care) down the throats of working America, spent money on green jobs that have went out of business, Waivers for unions etc.. the roll out of Obama care cost 360,000,000.00 and doesn't work. They could had gave every person breathing in America a 1,000,000,000.00 and made sure they understood that's there will be no more including social security. Now that may make people from cheating when it only hurt them. They could pay there own insurance payments. If they don't and go to hospital with no insurance , go ahead and keep the death panels standing by.  Heck don't send war planes to country's that want us all dead. Don't make deals with a country (Iran) that would nuke us (not if but when) . They keep spending money and pretty soon the people who pay income taxes will have to quit working, to get the free stuff because it would be its a better deal than working .