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Monday, November 28, 2016


Wow its been awhile a lot of great things have happen since I have wrote anything.  Where do I start Ding Dong the witch is gone. (Crooked Hillary)....Wait now they want a recount .  I hope they don't steal the election from Trump.  Obama-care is killing people with the rise in premiums , Now they cant afford the insurance, they cant afford the fine, They cant afford the deductibles. 

The Dallas Cowboys America's Team.  I will support them as long as Romo isn't the QB.

Megan Kelly what a waste of air time.  I hope her book is a flop.

Mom's if your kids are having trouble coping with Trump winning .  Please don't let them have children.

I think Rosie was way out line taking shots at trumps 10 year old son.

I wish Obama enjoys unemployment, he certainly caused millions into unemployment.

Democrats need to upgrade their party get rid of the left wing nut cases.  Start running to help the people.

Merry Christmas folks....... 

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